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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Stop worrying and be Committed to being Happy - 1

We previously talked about WORRYING and how unproductive it is.
Worrying certainly gives you something to do but gets you nowwhere!

We can stop unnecessary worrying if we can distinguish between the things that are within our control and the things that are not within our grasp.
Then, we will realise that a lot of nitty gritty things that we worry about daily are really not in our control! So why worry ?

Bear in mind always that YOU are in control.

But isn't that contradictory?  Afterall, we just mentioned that a lot of things we worry about are not within our control ?

Yes we cannot control everything in our lives but we can control our own thoughts and behaviours!
You can choose what to think and how to act.
So many people don’t understand this, and so becoming trapped in their own thoughts of worry and fear.

It is very common for people to blame their unhappiness on the outside world.
We often blame our family, friends, other people, situations and circumstances, the society, etc.
However, do we ever realize that the problems, and their solutions, may lie within ourselves?

It is true that some things are outside our control. But I am convinced that happiness is a choice.

It’s a decision we all make daily, believe it or not.

‘Joy is not in things; it is in us.’ ~Richard Wagner (1813-1883)

Often, we think that we need ’things’ to be happy – money, a good job, our family to behave as we want, a good looking appearance, etc
But really, it is the other way around.
When we are happy, we are free to live life more fully and productively and things start to work.
When we desire something, the best thing to do is to be happy and appreciative at the prospect of receiving it, and not to to postponing your joy until that certain something arrives.

When we are happy, we are free to live life in the present (not the past or future)...

Have you freed yourself yet to live and experience life more fully !
What do you think are other ways of living more fully and happily?
Feel free to leave your comments...

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