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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

All about EQ (2)

What does EQ consist of really?

There are 5 parts really, they are:

1) Self-Awareness – This is the ability to be 'in the know' of your own moods and emotions and also how those moods affect people around you.

2) Self-Regulation – This is self-control or the ability to 'think before you act'.

3) Motivation – Self-explanatory- The desire/ drive to do or achieve something.

4) Empathy – This is the ability to understand how others feel and wish to be treated.

5) Social Skill – The ability to interact with people positively.

Just pause for a while and rethink the above in reverse order.

You will see that they work hand in hand with each other...
... To interact well with people, you need to empathise with them...
.... You also need to be motivated to want to socialise well with others...
.... But before that, you must first be able to control your feelings and behaviour ....
..... Before you can control your feelings and behaviour, you need to be able to regulate your behavior you must first be aware of it.

To start all these, you need to first be very aware of your feelings.
You need to be aware of your emotions, even before you act!

When you are conscious and aware, you can start controlling yourself.
You can then stop yourself from snapping at your colleagues or your friends or family).

But how do we become self-aware?
You need to learn to observe yourself!

This means you need to stay vigilent for situations where you will feel negative emotions (angry, sad, bitter).

For some people, keeping a diary may help in tracking your negative emotions and tendencies to behave negatively (ie, snapping at people, outbreak of anger, etc).

Try it today!

This may be your first step towards building your self-awareness, self-regulation and a NEW YOU!

Remember: EQ CAN be developed. Nuturing your EQ is a journey. By becoming familiar with the concept of EQ, you have just started the journey.

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