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Monday, August 31, 2009

Purpose in Life - Part 2

Previously we talked about everyone having a purpose in life.
Everyone is here for a reason.
Everyone is here to solve a certain problem or serve a certain purpose.

So where does that lead us? Knowing that we all have a unique purpose in life.

Do we just sit around?
Do we just wait for a ‘sign’ ?
Do we just wait for our purpose to be realised by itself?

Of course not! You need to be Proactive! What good is a screw driver if it is sitting in a box never to be used!

But how do you proceed if you are not sure of your purpose or have no idea what it is?

The solution is to look at the activities that you usually enjoy. Just think, what do you like doing? Is it talking to people, is it singing, is it writing or DIY jobs, etc? Continue doing the things that you enjoy doing, eventually you will know what your true purpose is, if you remain in action.

All in all, it is imperative that we focus and try to find our life purpose.
If you yourself do not know what your purpose is… then no one else will know either.
No one can benefit from it.

We should dedicate our life to discovering our purpose and fulfilling it.
It is only by doing so that we can attain ‘self-actualisation’, which is the realisation of one’s potential and the highest state in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.

Be free to soar where you will, achieve your potential and your dreams!

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