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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are you fascinated by personality quizzes and tests?
I'm sure most of us like discovering more about ourself?
Actually, I am a HUGE fan of such Psychological tests.

There is a 2000 year old Psychological Test that offers great insights into your personality type.
This test works by identifying your primary negative tendency. And I can show you how to turn that around into positive ones.


The 5 primary tendencies and their corresponding emotions are:

1. Desire - The tendency to want to do certain things, or to feel a certain way, but these people are often frustrated by countless obstacles in their efforts.

2. Pride - People with this tendency think they are superior to everyone else.

3. Anger - These people feel angry all the time, even when things are going their way.

4. Jealousy - People in this group cannot stop comparing themselves to others.

5. Denial - This group covers the tendency of those who just "don't want to know."

You will usually relate to more than one of these tendencies.

Would you like to discover how to turn your negative emotions and tendencies into positive feelings? Read on...

1. Desire - The antidote for desire, is to learn to let go and allow the solution to come to you! Just as simple as that.

2. Pride - The antidote for Pride is to travel more and see more wonders of the natural world and its inhabitants (human and animals).

3. Anger - Angry people are often highly strung and tensed, the solution is to learn how to RELAX.

4. Jealousy - People in this group should devote more of their time to helping the less fortunate. Then, they will see how blessed they already are.

5. Denial - These people need to be told and led to the 'Truth' gently and in good timing

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