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Friday, August 28, 2009


Creativity ...

I would rather be

Insightful but naive than

matured but cliche!

How many times have we come up with an idea, be it for work, at home or just during everyday life?
How many times have we shrugged it off, saying to ourselves " Nah, don't be silly, nobody has done that before!"

Nobody has done it before!
So does that mean the idea will never work?
Or is it because, we are afraid of being ridiculed for doing something differently?

When Thomas Edison and other Scientists experimented with electrical light bulbs, it was a whole new ball game to the traditional candle light. But see how the humble light bulb has become an everyday necessity.

When Sigmund Freud came out with his psychoanalytic theories of personality, it was dismissed as unscientific and baseless. However, who would have know that the basis of his theories have spawned much research and theories in psychology.

The list can go on... but the point is obvious.

Perhaps we are too afraid of failure, ridicule or rejection.
Perhaps we just give ourselves too many excuses "nah, I'm not bright enough", "I'm not strong enough", etc, etc, etc

So we stick to 'tried and tested' ways of doing things and Living our lives!

Isn't it time, we challenge our old ways of thinking and start seeing the possibilities in change?

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