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Saturday, October 22, 2011

8 Inspiration Lessons from an 8 Month Old Baby - 1


A baby is a gift which enriches your feelings and emotions, but a baby can also be an inspiring teacher as well.

In fact, she can be your biggest motivator if you pay close attention to her activities.
Let me share with you some interesting observations that I believe serve as great motivational lessons.

1. Innocence

Just look at the innocent activities the baby does. Sometimes, they may not make any sense to others but the baby get’s herself involved in those small happiness activities.

That’s innocence. Happiness has its root in innocence.

We, adults on the other hand are getting drowned in information, bath in knowledge pools. With every information on our fingertips, we have lost our innocence to overload of information.

Can we turn OFF the information channel for a moment and live and experience happiness in innocent ways?

2. Curiosity for learning new things

A baby has amazing curiosity to see, explore and for understanding how things work. She interprets the lip moments, learns entirely new language, and understands mannerisms at a stage of life where she still does not have any base language. Isn’t it incredible?
We, adults, why are we so rigid when it comes to learning new things? Why we let our curiosity factor die even though it’s still green inside us?

Aren’t we equipped with so many tools for learning?

3. Live life in present

A baby always lives the life in present. No neither has worries of yesterday, nor plans of tomorrow. Isn’t it a beautiful way to live? Live in the present moment.

Why do we adults surround ourselves with past regrets and future plans? Why do we miss to live in today, in the present moment? Let’s enjoy the “now”. Bring back your mind from past regrets and future worries and sync it with today.

4. Struggle is natural

Baby struggles to crawl, she fails. She holds the edge of door to stand, but she slips and falls. She cries for help but she continues her struggle to stand. Baby finally succeeds and the victory is clearly visible in baby’s sparkling eyes.

That’s the way the things are learnt, methods are explored and victories are enjoyed. Struggle is natural. It’s the way we humans have always created amazing things.

Why we adults run away from struggle? Why do we look for shortcuts? Let’s all of us get inspired and realize our goals by putting hard work. Struggle keeps you moving, no matter what the speed is. Struggle is beautiful.

written by Naveen Kulkarni
Naveen Kulkarni writes about personal development and shares winning ideas for living a wonderful life on his blog You can also get his free eBook Winning Ideas for a Wonderful Life.

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