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Friday, April 23, 2010

Relationships - 80:20 Rule

There is no human being on earth who is perfect.

No perfect husband or wife exists, neither will there be a perfect marriage where the couple lived in eternal bliss with no quarrels, disagreements, misunderstandings and in total accordance with each other.

But, we wish for perfection, some of us will do our best to attempt to change our partner into someone whom we prefer.

How do you do that? How do you make your relationship as flawless as you could? By working on your partner’s faults and weaknesses, hoping to turn them into strengths and qualities that will augment the marriage, in your opinion.

But what if, your partner already possesses 80% of qualities in the image of a perfect spouse that you desire, and it’s only the 20% that acts as the obstacle towards you achieving the ultimate mark? Would you be so affected by that 20% and keep harping on it to yourself?

Some wives will whine about their partner’s lack of initiative, messiness, lack of communication, and fail to appreciate the stability, responsibility and honesty, the exact traits which made them commit to their relationship in the first place. The same goes for the husbands.

Without realising, these people are magnifying the problems, and making them seem larger than life. They begin to perceive the weakness as one that is much more serious than it actually is, and that gives them even more reason to talk about it, and it makes things worse again. They have just begun a vicious cycle.

Why not think about the 80% when you are affected by the 20? Because when you choose to focus on the good, only then will you be able to draw strength from the love that comes with it, then deal with that 20% .

See, how men focus on the negative even when it is only 20%, and so easily become blind to the goodness of things.

You are what your mind is capable of thinking and focusing. So, make the right decision today to zoom in to the plus points, and refrain yourself from indulging in your insatisfactions, othrewise you will be sucked into the black hole unconsciously.

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