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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Do what you love ! - (Part 2)

Ok, now we are all convinced that we each have our abilities and passion. And that we should work for our passion and not just for the sake of work.

So the real question is how to get started?

Five things you can do to move toward getting paid to do what you love:

1) What is your passion?
What makes you come alive, what makes you tick, what makes you sit up and take notice?
Ask yourself “What am I insanely interested in?” “What could I talk about for hours?” and “What would I do for free?”

2) What are your strengths?
What are you naturally good at? This is about contributing your gifts to the world. To get started, interview your friends, family, or peers and ask them what three things they think you are born to do naturally.

3) What is your value?
The crux is finding the intersection between what you’re good at doing and what people are willing to
pay you for. If you can’t find a way to get paid to do what you love, the other stuff doesn’t really matter.
To get started, think about the benefits your work can bring to others, or whether there is a desperate pain
or a deep passion involved in what you’re offering to do.

4) Make the commitment.
In my opinion, most people fail to succeed because they fail to commit. It takes an uncompromising commitment to make this change for yourself.
Instead of thinking “I don’t know,” or "perhaps I'll do this another day", think “I’ll figure it out", or "I'll start today!"

Remember, paths are made by walking.

5) Be willing to let go.
As much as you want to make this change , it can be hard to let go of the old patterns of thinking and behaving, such as “work shouldn’t be fun” or “you should just suck it up.”
Breaking down those beliefs is crucial to begin moving toward a new direction.

6) What will you give up?
You might not think that you have time to take on a new endeavor.
But you won’t have time until you make the time! It is time to reorganise your task list!
There are a lot of things we place in our priority schedules that we think are important. But in reality, our world wouldn’t collapse if we forego these and do something else.
Make a list of all the activities and time sinks that you’ll give up in order to make time for your new journey.

7) Say Yes to yourself.
You may want to become a writer, dentist, life coach, painter, or public speaker, etc
If you know that this is what you’re meant to do, then give yourself permission to call yourself that… even if you’re not established yet.
And even if you don’t make a full time income from it. Own your passion, completely and unreservedly.

While there is more to your journey than just these seven things, this is a huge start.
Clarity and commitment are the biggest steps.
The rest is just one foot step at a time!

You will get there. No one can stop you if you want it enough.

We are all here on a mission:
To find your passion and make a contribution to people and the world.
Don't deprive the world and Yourself of your gifts!

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