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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Passion or Conviction

Passion or Conviction -
Which is more important ? What is the difference?

Passion -
Often used to refer to love for someone or something, ironically refers to ‘suffering’ in Ancient Greek.
Perhaps it is the intense emotion that makes one suffer – sleepless nights, loss of appetite, anxiety, fear of loss …
Passion is so Strong an emotion that it oftens render reasoning meaningless.
Besides Romance, Passion is applicable to love for a certain pursuit, such as occupation, exploration, a craft or a hobby.
Passion is the spark, that kick-starts the Firing inferno – it motivates us, engulfs us, sometimes devours us.
Conviction -
An unshakable belief in something without need for proof or evidence.
So strong is the belief that it holds itself as an article of faith.
To the mind, it is the cognition of doubtless truth.
To the heart, it is this commitment that keeps us going and going, when the going gets tough.
It is the voice in our heart that tells us to ‘Get up”, time and again when we falter.
It is the energy that feeds our soul, with each passing hurdle, pitfall, wear and tear.
Conviction pushes us beyond the boundaries of our limits
Now to me, Passion is the spark that gets me started BUT Conviction pushes me beyond.
Conviction is the voice, constantly telling me that ‘What doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger”
Conviction is my mentor, my coach, my mantra to keep going and going, with the destination in mind.
I used to think that Passion was everything until Conviction found me!
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