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Saturday, December 10, 2011

8 Inspiration Lessons from an 8 Month Old Baby - 2

A baby is a gift which enriches your feelings and emotions, but a baby can also be an inspiring teacher as well.


In fact, she can be your biggest motivator if you pay close attention to her activities.
Let me share with you some interesting observations that I believe serve as great motivational lessons.

5. Forgiveness

A baby never keeps anything in heart though you might have showed your irritation to her. She might have felt bad at that moment and that’s the end of story. Next time, when you meet her, she is a breeze again. She has forgiven you already. What a wonderful example of human element.
This is something, we all need to practice and implement in our own lives. Have a great heart, consciously ignore minor mistakes of others and give them a chance to correct, excel and grow in the life. When you help others grow, you grow even more.

6. Trust
Baby completely trusts you. The trust is always 100%. She is fearless; she believes that you are always there for her. When you throw her up in the air for play, she laughs instead of crying. That’s the beauty of trust. She trusts you that you will hold her anyways when she is falling back
So, if you trust someone, trust them 100%. There is no mid-way here. Complete trust can create wonderful and long lasting relationships.

7. Laugh From The Heart
When was the last time you laughed loudly? We can surely get inspiration from the baby from the way she laughs when she feels good. She laughs from heart.
Aren’t we so busy in life that we don’t even have time for laughing loudly? See the humor in small things, laugh and relieve stress,. Laughter is the best medicine, indeed.

8. Unconditional love
Baby loves you unconditionally. In the heart of the little baby, resides the greatest wealth on the earth, love.
I am leaving this space intentionally blank for you….


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