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Saturday, September 3, 2011

You can be BETTER - Part 2

Better Because…You Choose

Many people spend years climbing the corporate ladder in Fortune 100 companies and were fortunate to attend top-rated training and executive leadership programs. After leaving behind their corporate lives, would the same tools used to achieve success in business also worked just as well for life in general?

We have selected 3 core beliefs to share with you. Previously, we shared that the first belief is : Life is what you think

The second core belief about life is:

SECOND. Life Cycles.

Life is not a straight line, it’s more like a series of circles that go around and around, up and down, similar to a spring.

This is a natural cycle in life. Every year, we have four seasons – the Fall is when trees shed their leaves and in the Winter, there is a period of dormancy (some animals hibernate). Then, Spring is a renewal and Summer is a period of full bloom.

Some periods of time days are filled with questioning, which builds into creative thinking, which leads to inspired action. All, the doldrums can set in again, where we can languish… until we start questioning, which builds into creative thinking, which takes us once again to inspired action.

This is where positive thinking and actions have an influence on the quality of your life.

Written by :

Cathy Haffner and Ginny Hutchinson are co-founders of Better Because, a positive media company, whose mission is to make life a little better. They are successful Fortune 100 executives now in their Second Act, who learned valuable (and humorous) lessons from their careers, 20-year marriages, and their children. Their new book, Better Because of You, is a top seller and essential reading for a better life!

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