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Sunday, August 21, 2011

What To Do When You Have To Take a Step Back - 1

In the process of any form of achievement there will be times ...

where you take a step back –
where things don’t go as planned
when you fall into a bit of a slump.

These moments hurt. But don’t quit...

Persistence ...
is an aspect of success that many people struggle with because it is difficult to keep working, fly past the tipping point point. I hope these strategies make the road towards your goals simpler, with less interference from steps backwards.

Identify the cause. ..
Any solution requires a clear problem. What is it specifically that you’ve deemed to be a step away from your goals? When you break things down like this instead of responding immediately with “Everything’s gone wrong, I’m doomed!” you’re able to think logically without the interference of emotion. Smart decisions can be made in response.

Remember where you’re going...
Have a clear direction, an end goal. This is a key tool for motivating yourself through times where everything feels to be going against you. Every day visualise the exact outcome you want from your goals.

Realize it’s just a pot hole, not a canyon...
It’s a scrape not a flesh wound. Any step back is reversible and rarely requires any major shift in actions or thoughts. Be mindful of what went wrong, acknowledge it, and move on.

What's your take in the face of trouble? Will you quit or persevere?

Written by David Turnbull, the founder of self improvement )

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